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Workshop on Implicit Complexity and Logic
(ACI Project GEOCAL)
University Paris-Nord, LIPN
September 6th and 7th 2004
Preliminary programme

Location: Institut Galilée, amphithéâtre Copernic.

Université Paris-Nord, 99, av. Jean-Baptiste Clément 93430 Villetaneuse, France.

Organizers: Patrick Baillot, Virgile Mogbil (LIPN,email: {pb, vm}

For other informations see the web page: here .

Invited speakers: Luca Roversi (Torino, Italy), Kazushige Terui (NII Tokyo, Japan).

ABSTRACTS of talks.

Monday September 6th:
10:30 K. Terui (NII Tokyo) Proof-nets and boolean circuits.
11:15   Coffee break
11:45 J. Vauzeilles (LIPN Paris) AI planning problems in the Horn Linear Logic:
    semantics and complexity.
12:30 M. Pedicini (CNR Rome) An embedding of Blum-Shub-Smale model of
    computation in LLL.
13:15   Lunch
14:30 J.-Y. Marion (LORIA Nancy) Resource Analysis by Quasi-Interpretations.
15:15 J.-Y. Moyen (LORIA Nancy) Resource Termination -- using Petri Nets to analyse programs
16:00   Coffee break
16:30 Y. Guiraud (IML Marseille) Termination orders for operad presentations.
17:15   end of the day

Tuesday September 7th:

10:30 L. Roversi (Torino) Light Logics and recursion.
11:15   Coffee break
11:45 D. De Carvalho (IML Marseille) Intersection types for
    Light Affine Lambda-Calculus.
12:30 P. Coppola (Udine) Type inference algorithms in
    Elementary Affine Logic.
13:15   Lunch
14:30 F. Dabrowski (INRIA Sophia) Side effects and polynomial bounds.
15:15 P. Baillot or V. Mogbil (LIPN Paris) Soft lambda-calculus.
16:00   Coffee, end of the workshop.

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Patrick Baillot 2004-08-18