Birzeit 2018 Conference
"Randomness, Graphs, Trees, Walks, Statistics"

Birzeit University, Palestine
Dates: February 17-25, 2018


This conference is mainly intended to foster future collaborations between Palestinian and French universites or research centers; enhancing collaborations with US or European Institutions is also hoped for. The main topic of the conference is randomness in a broad sense, including topics of probability or statistics, with a special focus on random graphs and trees, and random walks. Contributions related to algorithms on graphs and trees are also welcomed. Besides their great theoretical interest, random graphs and trees have numerous applications: world-wide web, biological networks, statistical criteria of decision, software and hardware programming and architecture. Random walks have been the subjects of intensive researchs during the last years; the methods used go from combinatorics and singularity analysis to large scale compute algebra. Very often, discrete structures have continuous limits, by instance brownian motions for discrete random walks; this allows some fruitful interplay between discrete mathematics and probability theory.

Pratical Informations


Organizing committee :

Scientific committee


We request the contribution of Palestinian academics who wish to give a long or short talk at the conference.

According to the funds we will collect to support the conference, we will be able to subsidize the accomodation costs of a few Palestinians with no accomodation facilities near Birzeit.

The more scientific contributions we will get, the more funds we will be able to raise.

We will know in November 2017 upon which financial basis we can organize the accomodation costs and will provide feedback by this period.

Registration to the conference will be opened later.


Provisional list of courses

There will be a mix of courses of 2-3 hours and talks of 1 hour. Contributions of Palestinians to courses or talks are warmly welcomed.
We wish to keep slots of free time for informal interactions.

Provisional list of one hour talks

  • Mousa Abdelrahim - Investment portfolio and life-insurance management - summary
  • Lubna Abu Rmaileh - Characterizing Island Structures in Area-Preserving Maps - summary
  • Julia Dandurand - Settling the Blazek-Koman Conjecture for k-page Book Drawings of Complete Graphs with at most 3k Vertices - summary