GPC 2007

May 2-4, 2007

About GPC

Grid computing presents a new trend to distributed and Internet computing for coordinating large-scale heterogeneous resources sharing and problem solving in dynamic, multi-institutional virtual organizations. Grid computing cannot only be used for distributed supercomputing, massive data processing, but can also be a common platform and way for utility and service computing. Grid computing is not only referring to those using mainframes or supercomputers to coordinated working, more and more powerful personal computers even small and smart devices, ranging from personal digital assistants to unseen chips in our cars, appliances and telephones, are emerged to be the supporting force to grid computing. Projecting this trend into the future, we envision an explosion of interconnected high performance computers and smart devices that can make our research and daily lives easier and more productive.

Grid and Pervasive Computing (GPC) is an annual international conference on the emerging areas of merging grid computing and pervasive computing, aimed at providing an exciting platform and paradigm for all the time, everywhere services. This emergence is a natural outcome of the advances in cluster computing, high performance computing, utility computing, service oriented computing, peer-to-peer computing, mobile computing, sensor networks, and smart devices technologies. GPC will provide a high profile, leading edge forum for researchers and engineers alike to present their latest research in the field of grid computing and pervasive computing.


  • Cluster computing

  • High performance computing

  • Grid computing

  • Semantic web and semantic grid

  • Service-oriented computing

  • Peer-to-peer computing

  • Pervasive computing

  • Mobile computing

  • Network storage

  • Grid and pervasive related applications

Special Issues based on best GPC'2007 papers will be published with Journal of Supercomputing, Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications and International Journal of Web and Grid Services.

Scientific Event organized during GPC2007: round table on Pervasive Grids.

The aim of the round-table is to investigate the opportunities and challenges of Pervasive Grids (PG). The round-table will bring together researchers from the Grid and Pervasive communities, who are active in the PG field, to discuss the definition of what is a PG. Is there a consensus on its applications and their requirements and challenges? Will a Pervasive Grid be eventually realized?

PG is motivated by the advances in Grid technologies and the proliferation of pervasive systems, and is leading to the emergence of a new generation of applications that use pervasive and ambient information as an integral part to manage, control, adapt and optimize. These include a range of application areas including crisis management, homeland security, personal healthcare, predicting and managing natural phenomenon, monitoring and managing engineering systems, optimizing business processes etc.

Round-table Co-chairs : L. Brunie, M. Parashar and JM. Pierson. (contact:



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UMR CNRS 7030,
University of Paris XIII

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Springer Verlag has confirmed a formal acceptance of GPC 2007 for publication as a Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) volume.