In February 2012, I signed the Cost of Knowledge boycott against Elsevier. As a consequence, from then onward I do not referee or do any editorial work for Elsevier, nor submit papers to its journals, unless this causes inconveniences to my coauthors. Examples of well-known Elsevier journals in my research field are Theoretical Computer Science, Information and Computation and the Annals of Pure and Applied Logic.

More recently (2019), I decided to boycott in the same way any publication venue, including conferences, which does not adhere to an open access policy. This includes LICS, one of the flagship conferences of my research field.

Personally, I believe that traditional journal publishing should be supplanted by more modern systems, such as online interactive publications, and that, at the same time, TCS conferences should stop having published proceedings and regain their original role of pure dissemination venues. If you care to know more about my position on this, you may read this text.

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